Superyacht Provisioning: La Ciotat Culinary Excellence

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Superyacht Provisioning La Ciotat Culinary Excellence

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At the southernmost tip of France’s Mediterranean coast lies the vibrant town of La Ciotat. Steeped in maritime history, it is a prestigious yachting destination famous for shipbuilding dating back to the 17th century. There are several prominent shipyard companies, including MB92 La Ciotat, Monaco Marine, Exail, Nautech and Classic Works. Known for their years of experience and skill set, these shipyards have built a renowned reputation for being experts in yacht refit, repair, crew support and maintenance.

La Ciotat’s Old Port (or Port-Vieux) serves as the heart of the town’s maritime heritage. When you visit you can see the yachts bobbing up and down in the water and the abundance of cafes, restaurants, and shops. However, one of the highlights of visiting Le Port Vieux is going to the night market. Every summer between June and September, local artisans and vendors brighten up the harbour by bringing a colourful variety of handmade crafts, artisanal products, clothing, jewellery, and more.

When looking to stay in La Ciotat, visit the Hotel Miramar. Overlooking the Mediterranean, this hotel offers elegant rooms with amazing sea views and guests can enjoy a rooftop terrace and spa facilities. It is located near the Monument Lumiere, built in honour of the Lumiere brothers who developed the early motion-picture camera and projector called the Cinématographe. If you want to be in the heart of La Ciotat then the Best Western Premier Vieux Port is right for you. Combining modern comforts with the historic town, guests can explore local attractions on foot and completely immerse themselves in La Ciotat’s culture.

When looking for great places to eat, La Table de Nans nestled in the town centre has one Michelin-star and truly innovates French cuisine. Headed by chef Nans Gaillard, diners experience and can celebrate Provence’s cultural heritage. Another Michelin-star restaurant close to the La Vieux Port is Couleurs de Shimatani, run by seasoned couple Yuichiro and Mika Shimatani who blend both delicious flavours from the Mediterranean and Japan. You can find this small eatery in the middle of a pedestrian-filled street and enjoy the dishes they create using fresh seafood and vegetables from around the region.

Pristine waters, luscious green and sunny beaches fill this stunning location

Whilst your yacht is in the yard, drive up the coast from La Ciotat and you will find Calanque de Figuerolles, a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Pristine waters, luscious green and sunny beaches fill this stunning location making it a must-see when you visit La Ciotat. If you are looking for adventure or somewhere to relax, this is the place for you. With snorkelling opportunities, hiking trails, incredible views and hidden coves, Calanque de Figuerolles is the perfect escape from civilisation to experience the true natural beauty of Provence. You can also enjoy a drink whilst relaxing on sandy beaches in the baking sun – for your alcohol and tobacco needs, get in touch with Gourmet Deliveries’ sister company Gourmet Drinks and Tobacco.

A trip to the South of France would be incomplete without taking a stroll along its beautiful beaches. If you pine for the feeling of sand between your toes, then Plage Cyrnos is for you, but if you prefer pebbly coves, then you should visit Plage Lumière.

Whilst you enjoy the exciting things that La Ciotat has on offer, do not forget to indulge in the culinary delights that highlight the excellence of French cuisine. Expand your menu suggestions and read Gourmet Deliveries’ guide for the best food provisions to ensure your yacht menu is filled with local delicacies that make up traditional meals from the Provençal region.

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A trip to La Ciotat would be incomplete without a steaming bowl of bouillabaisse


A trip to La Ciotat would be incomplete without a steaming bowl of bouillabaisse. A seafood stew that truly embodies the authentic flavours of the Mediterranean. Enjoy the delicious blend of fish, shellfish, and fragrant herbs simmering in a rich tomato broth. A traditional Provençal dish accompanied by rouille-covered croutons, bouillabaisse ingredients are ideal for your superyacht provisions.

Calamari à la Provençale

Another seafood delicacy, enjoy tender calamari as it is sautéed in a classic Provençal sauce of tomatoes, garlic, and herbs. Serve with a drizzle of lemon juice, top with parsley, and enjoy on deck under the hot sun of the Mediterranean.

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Couscous Provençal

When drafting your superyacht provisions list, you may want to add this adaptable dish that can appeal to both vegetarians and meat eaters. Enjoy a hearty bowl of couscous laden with tender vegetables and aromatic spices, adding your choice of succulent meats if you want. Savour this healthy meal whilst docked in La Ciotat’s marina, relaxing in the sea breeze.


Poulpe Grillé à L’Aïoli

This dish can be enjoyed as a delicious snack or as a starter. Marinate tender grilled octopus with a bold and zesty garlic aioli. With the smoky flavours from the grill, the octopus complements the creamy aioli blending the flavours of Provence that is a must-have on your superyacht menu.

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If you have a sweet tooth, your yacht charter will definitely need these tasty cookies. Treat yourself to these boat-shaped snacks, lightly flavoured with orange blossom water. Enjoy with a hot drink or as a sweet treat born in the Provençal region.

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Sail your superyacht through the blue waters of the Mediterranean and enjoy the best gastronomic delights the South of France has to offer onboard. With Gourmet Deliveries, you can relax knowing that all your provisioning needs will be looked after allowing you, your crew and your guests to focus on having an unforgettable experience when you visit La Ciotat.

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