Yacht Charter Provisioning Guide

Yacht Provisions

If you’re preparing for an upcoming yacht charter, you’ll understand that pre-planning is the key to success. From selecting beautiful, picturesque locations your charter guests will visit to organising transport transfers between airports and marinas, there is a huge range of things that need to be taken into consideration.

One of the most important things to take into account when planning any yacht charter is provisioning. Charter experiences can be defined by what provisions are on board and the aim is to leave guests with fantastic memories of their time spent on board.

Here at Gourmet Deliveries, we have years of experience in yacht provisioning and source items for private and commercial yachts located all over the world. We provide clients with many different services and offer them tips on the best ways to prepare for an upcoming yacht charter. Using our expert knowledge, we have put together an article that will hopefully help you compile your provisioning list and keep your guests and crew happy.

Yacht Provisioning Pre Planning

Before we move on to the specific items we recommend you have in your galley, we wanted to touch on a few things that you should consider prior to planning your next charter provisioning list. These points will help you speed up the process and have you placing an order with a yacht provisioning company in no time.

  • Number Of Charter Guests

Making sure you know how many people will be on the charter and for how long will be a key factor when deciding on the quantity of your order. The last thing you want to encounter is a lack of provisions, yet at the same time, you want to find the right balance in order to avoid wastage.

It’s also worth noting that if you’re buying provisions for a large number of people, planning in advance is highly advisable as some items may be harder to source on short notice.

  • Age Range

It’s always worth thinking about the different age groups that will be attending the charter. If you have children on board then you’ll want to ensure they are catered for and have different food options on offer. It could also be beneficial to have some different items to entertain your younger guests. This is something we will look into later in the article.

  • Sourcing Rare Items

If you’re looking for harder-to-find items then getting things in motion early is even more important in order to avoid disappointment. Sourcing items can sometimes be tricky especially when you are in a hard-to-reach location.

At Gourmet Deliveries, we can accommodate the most ambitious requests quickly, but it’s still worth placing orders in advance. To get more information on the services we offer contact us today to speak to a member of our experienced team.

Once you have these things in order and really know who you’re buying for, it’s time to start collating a list of provisions. We are going to take you through a few categories that you will want to include and some that may be classed as extras or bonus items.

Yacht Charter Food

There are so many different food options in the world of yacht provisioning that it can be tough to make a final decision when placing an order. Fresh fruit and vegetables, gourmet cuts of meat (e.g Wagyu beef), fish, pasta, vegetarian dishes – the list is endless.

So, it’s best to plan each meal in advance and confirm what additional options you may want to offer charter guests. Always be sure not to overstock on food with a short shelf life as this will end up as wastage while adding to the overall galley costs. Quite often the refrigeration and storage areas on yachts are compact which makes it tricky to store lots of fresh food. When stocking up on yacht provisions, you need to be aware of guests’ dietary requirements. Find out if anyone is a vegetarian or if there are any food intolerances onboard. That way you’ll be certain that you have options to suit them.

Beverages - Soft Drinks & Alcohol

From luxury champagne to wine to premium alcoholic spirits, it’s important to stock your guests’ favourite drinks. However, it’s not only alcoholic beverages that need to be taken into consideration when planning for an upcoming yacht charter. You will also want to make sure guests are fully hydrated with plenty of water (sparkling and still), juices, and other non-alcoholic drinks. Bottled water is always a popular choice as it allows guests to take it with them when they leave the yacht for a day on the beach or an excursion.

At Gourmet Deliveries we have a sister company Gourmet Drinks and Tobacco who can cater to all of your provisioning requirements. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a beer that’s only sold in the USA, or a rare whisky that has been requested by one guest, Gourmet Drinks and Tobacco are able to source importation of products from around the world.

Cleaning Supplies

There are several basic items that will regularly be included on your provisioning list. For example, cleaning equipment and cleaning tools for the galley (e.g. dish cloths, tea towels and washing up liquid), sanitary items and more. And if you’re trying to reduce your impact on the environment, you might also want to stock eco-friendly, cleaning products too!

Bespoke Flower Arrangements

Whilst most guest will be impressed by the extravagant meals, picturesque surroundings and scenery that a yacht charter entails, there is always room for something extra – that’s where we can help!

One popular request that we often get from our clients is for fresh flowers and large bespoke arrangements. The addition of beautiful bouquets can positively influence a guests overall experience and give any vessel a superior look.

At Gourmet Deliveries we offer flowers freshly delivered from our local suppliers. We can select your required stems or create any bouquet to enhance your charter guests’ dining area and provide a finishing touch to the master cabin. For more information on our florists just give us a call on +33 628 646 124.

Charter Entertainment

When it comes to yacht provisioning, most people think about gourmet charter food and drink; but it’s also important to think about onboard entertainment, especially for younger guests.

You’ll want your charter guests to have the best time possible; so don’t forget to provide accessories for entertainment. Water toys, snorkels, scuba gear, and dinghies are all fantastic ideas that will make any charter more enjoyable and keep children and adults entertained for hours.

If you would like any more information on yacht charter provisioning contact us today and speak to one of our experienced team. Alternatively, you can visit our easy-to-use online shop to place your order today!

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