Superyacht Provisioning: The Delicious Flavours of Antibes

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Yacht Provisions in Antibes

The Delicious Flavours of Antibes

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Antibes is nestled within the stunning French Riviera. It is the perfect destination for charter guests cruising along the blue waters of the Mediterranean. Before tasting the gastronomic wonders of this Provençal city, you can fully immerse yourself in Antibes’ historic culture. From the ramparts of the old town to twisting streets lined with boutiques and galleries, every corner of Antibes tells a story of its exciting past. Fort Carré, a 16th-century fort made up of four arrowheads, was built to defend the city. It was one of the first fortified strongholds built in the Renaissance and offers amazing views of the ocean and the nearby city of Nice. The fort also houses a protected garden filled with Mediterranean flora and fauna that make it well worth a visit.

Antibes attracts yachts from around the world who can dock in Port Vauban, proudly known as the largest marina in the Mediterranean. It is a sight to see particularly when filled with boats bobbing up and down on the water. Port Vauban also offers the newly developed IYCA (International Yacht Club d’Antibes), also known as Billionaire’s Quay, which gives an exclusive experience for those who live a more luxurious lifestyle. With state-of-the-art facilities and personalised services, the IYCA is the ideal location in the Cap d’Antibes for yacht owners.

With lavish mansions and villas, the Cap d’Antibes peninsula provides homes for the world’s elite. With stunning views of the Mediterranean, this coveted location offers natural beauty and a rich history. For those visiting, you can stay in the renowned Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc, this 5-star resort is the peak of luxury providing guests with impeccable service and its bar provides an extensive selection of the finest cocktails, wines and champagne. The hotel’s restaurant, Louroc, has one Michelin-star and serves delicious Mediterranean cuisine, using locally sourced vegetables, fresh fish and meats. Chef Sébastien Broda’s finest dishes include stuffed baby squid, cod velouté and scorpion fish with courgette flowers, capturing the flavours of Provence in every morsel.

The Belle Rives Hotel is a 5-star Art-Deco-style hotel that was the former residence of F. Scott Fitzgerald. Overlooking the ocean, this hotel offers spectacular views and provides gourmet dining for its guests. If you are looking to stay in the old town, then the Royal Antibes Hotel is the best choice. With 4-stars, this hotel has a rooftop terrace, and a relaxing spa, and is located on the promenade offering easy access to Antibes’ sights.

As well as dining in Louroc, Antibes has multiple other fine dining restaurants for you to choose from. Les Pêcheurs’ chef Nicolas Rondelli serves delectable seafood dishes perfectly blending the flavours of the Mediterranean, well deserving of their one Michelin-star. Les Pêcheurs offers a luxury dining experience with both elegant indoor dining and outdoor ocean views on the terrace. Le Figuier de Saint-Esprit is another Michelin-star restaurant run by chef Christian Morisset. Nestled in the old town you can sample plates made from the finest ingredients of the region from seafood delicacies to mouth-watering meat dishes.

Antibes offers a vibrant nightlife for visitors offering different locations where you can enjoy a drink after a long day at sea. A favourite of many yacht owners, you can visit Le Blue Lady Pub, located in the heart of the old town. You can enjoy a pint whilst listening to live music or watch sports games on their large television screens. If you prefer a more lively atmosphere when you go out, visit Brazilian-themed Pam Pam Bar in the Juan les Pins beach area. You can enjoy cocktails, tapas, and sundaes whilst watching live music and dance shows with performers dressed in colourful and exciting Mardi Gras costumes. If you prefer stronger drinks, you can also visit Absinthe Bar, which serves its namesake in a traditional fashion, with a sugar cube. Located in an old cellar close to the Marche Provençal, beat the crowds to this popular watering hole.

Antibes offers a range of activities and attractions that appeal to all ages

Antibes offers a range of activities and attractions that appeal to all ages, with amusement parks, waterparks and museums. Antibes Land is perfect for any thrill-seekers with a range of rides from adrenaline-inducing roller coasters to classic carnival games. This theme park is perfect for people of all ages and offers an exciting day out for visitors to the city. For those who love all marine life, visit Marineland, the largest marine animal park in Europe. With a diverse selection of marine creatures including whales, dolphins, sharks and seals, Marineland provides educational and interactive experiences for both children and adults. Antibes is also known for its Picasso Museum located in the Château Grimaldi, which not only is a place for those keen to learn history but also has amazing views atop the city’s highest hill. The museum provides opportunities for children to learn about Picasso’s famous art pieces and adds culture and creativity to your visit.

You can also visit the bustling market of the old town, Marché Provençal, a covered market with fresh fruit, veg, charcuterie, honey, herbs and spices, or take a stroll in the sunshine on Plage de la Salis. What draws people to Antibes is its vibrant culinary scene, where fresh resources from the land and sea merge to create mouth-watering dishes. When visiting this vibrant city make sure you have the right provisions for your yacht to recreate many of Antibes’ traditional delicacies.

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If you find you have any free time during your trip to Antibes, you can make your way over to the Cap D’Antibes Baie des Milliardaires (Billionaire’s Bay). This is a prime location where you can boost your Instagram following by taking an iconic photo!

As you embark on your luxurious charter to Antibes, try any of these inspirational dishes that capture the essence of French cuisine for your yacht charter menu.

Anchoïade is a beloved Provençal spread


Crafted from anchovies, garlic, olive oil, and fragrant herbs, Anchoïade is a beloved Provençal spread. Full of flavour it is the perfect choice for smearing on crusty bread or pairing with fresh vegetables. Anchoïade is a savoury treat that is essential to your yacht provisions list.

Pieds Paquets

A traditional Provençal dish featuring lamb tripe stuffed with herbs and gently cooked in a tomato sauce. Offering a variety of rich flavours, this dish is traditionally served alongside potatoes or crusty bread. A hearty meal that can be enjoyed as you are anchored in Port Vauban.

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he Fisherman’s Pot lets you experience Antibes

Fisherman’s Pot

Taste the Mediterranean by sampling this hearty seafood stew! The Fisherman’s Pot lets you experience Antibes’ maritime heritage by eating freshly caught fish cooked with potatoes and aromatic herbs. This dish is served hot and offers a true taste of Antibes. It is best enjoyed onboard your vessel with a glass of local wine – you can contact our sister company, Gourmet Drinks and Tobacco for all your alcohol and tobacco needs.


A colourful Provençal dish made up of layers of thinly sliced vegetables. Each layer brings its own flavour – sweet tomatoes, crunchy peppers, and earthy aubergines – all mixed with herbs and eggs. An option for a midday meal or a quick snack, Crespéou is served chilled, and is a popular choice for picnics and alfresco dining on your yacht.

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The Rabassier’s Tartine is an open-faced rustic sandwich topped with creamy goat cheese

The Rabassier’s Tartine

The Rabassier’s Tartine is an open-faced rustic sandwich topped with creamy goat cheese, shaved truffles, and truffle oil. This gourmet delight wouldn’t go amiss in your yacht provisionings.

Pompe à l’Huile

Pompe à l’Huile is a simple, yet sweet, traditional Provençal dessert that mixes light, airy dough with olive oil and a hint of orange blossom water. This festive treat is often enjoyed during special occasions and celebrations and is a perfect treat that you can celebrate with as you dock in Antibes.

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When you berth in Antibes, remember to follow our dish suggestions and experience the delicious flavours of Provence. With Gourmet Deliveries by your side, you can rest assured that all your yacht provisions will be taken care of and your guests will have an unforgettable dining experience aboard your vessel.

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