Superyacht Provisioning: Cannes Cuisine Delicacies

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Cannes Cuisine Delicacies

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Cannes is a beautiful resort town located on the French Riviera, making up part of one of the most stunning coastal regions in the Mediterranean. This also makes it a highly desired location for yacht charters. Not only does it have incredible views and sandy beaches, but Cannes offers a wonderful mix of Mediterranean flavours providing visitors with delicious seafood, a locally sourced range of colourful vegetables, and mouth-watering artisanal delicacies. Cannes also marks the beginning of Gourmet Deliveries’ story, starting in 1957 at the Forville Market. They have offered their services to many superyacht chefs providing gourmet supplies for them to enjoy.

Aside from mouth-watering food and beautiful scenery, Cannes is an extremely popular location to visit when the Cannes Film Festival runs for nearly two weeks in May. This international film festival celebrates the year’s best films and welcomes stars from around the world as well as luxurious displays of glamour and fashion. When you’re not enjoying a film screening or trying to spot your favourite celebrities, you will be able to enjoy the bright summer sunshine, take a dip in the glorious blue waters of the Mediterranean and walk along the stretches of golden sand that make up some of the best beaches in the French Riviera such as Plage de la Bocca. Another major event occurs, in Cannes, in June, and that is the Cannes Lion International Festival of Creativity. This event gathers thousands of advertisements, short films, posters and many other creative products in the communications sector to celebrate the world’s best work, bringing together experts from some of the most innovative companies and creative marketing community. The ground-breaking festival is a week of learning, networking and creativity.

Cannes offers many elegant and luxurious hotels for you to choose

When looking for a place to stay, Cannes offers many elegant and luxurious hotels for you to choose from. The Hotel Barrière Le Majestic Cannes is located along the Boulevard de la Croisette where you can see stunning views of the Mediterranean. A short distance from Cannes’ marina, the hotel has a private beach, spa and multiple dining options for you to enjoy. The InterContinental Carlton Cannes is in a prime location within the city. This luxurious hotel has impeccable service and is a favourite place to stay for visiting celebrities. The Hotel Martinez opened in the 1920s and is an iconic hotel along the French Riviera. Its guests receive a five-star experience with a renowned spa and spacious rooms.

When looking for places to eat, Cannes has a selection of innovative restaurants serving the finest French cuisine. La Villa Archange offers a Michelin-starred dining experience. Bruno Oger uses fresh Mediterranean ingredients from delicious seafood to succulent meats and creates a memorable dining experience. Located in the heart of the city lies another Michelin-starred restaurant, La Table du Chef. An intimate venue where chef Stéphane Raimbault fuses French and Mediterranean flavours together adding a contemporary twist. You can choose from a series of tasting menus and dive into this culinary adventure. Another Michelin-starred restaurant that may suit those of you who want to get out of the city, just a short drive southwest of Cannes in La Napoule, Chef Alain Montigny provides traditional French cuisine taking his customers on a gastronomic journey in his restaurant L’Oasis. He uses seasonal ingredients from the Mediterranean, and he chooses from renowned vineyards to source his extensive wine list.

After enjoying a delicious meal you may want a nightcap in one of Cannes’ many popular bars. Charly’s Bar is popular for both locals and visitors offering an extensive cocktail menu and a relaxing atmosphere. For those who prefer dancing the night away, then Bâoli Cannes is a vibrant nightclub with VIP tables, a spacious dance floor and an outdoor terrace, with world-class DJs to entertain you. The VIP Room Cannes is known for its celebrity clientele and for creating an exclusive and iconic night out overlooking the Mediterranean. With multiple dance floors and stylish design, VIP Room Cannes attracts A-list celebrities from around the world and provides a premium cocktail, champagne and bottle service.

At such a popular yacht destination, superyacht charters need to consider where is the best place for them to dock. With two marinas in Cannes, Port de Cannes (also known as Vieux-Port) and Port Pierre Canto, the choice is yours! Vieux-Port is a prime location for anyone visiting Cannes for the film festival and can dock yachts up to 65 metres long. However, docking is not the only important thing that you need to consider when planning your visit. To truly experience the culture of the town, you must take advantage of the delicious French cuisine that makes up a huge part of daily life in Cannes. Ensure that you use the best provisioning service and order gourmet yacht food for your vessel.

Take a look at this guide for the perfect food provisions to ensure your guests dine on the finest French cuisine from Cannes.

Soups and Stews

Rockfish Soup

Cannes is renowned for its fishing village and fresh fish markets where you can experience the gastronomic delights freshly caught in the Mediterranean that morning. Such fish as sea bass, sea bream, swordfish, and scorpion fish can all be found in the fish markets of Cannes, however, the region is known for its exquisite rockfish soup, with rich flavours this aromatic delicacy will give you a true taste of the Mediterranean.

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A trip to the South of France would be amiss without trying one of Provence’s specialities. Bouillabaisse, or fish stew, is made from at least four different types of fish found in the Mediterranean waters along with many shellfish and crustaceans including clams, mussels, crabs, scallops and shrimps. The base is made from rich tomatoes with a mix of onions, garlic, saffron and flavourful local herbs. The perfect meal to enjoy as part of your yacht’s menu.

A trip to the South of France would be amiss without trying one of Provence’s specialities. Bouillabaisse


Another popular French Provençal dish that will attract film lovers who watched the 2007 animated feature from Pixar, is the delicious ratatouille. A dish that would appeal to vegetarians, this mouth-watering stew is a great choice for a summer’s evening. Served hot or cold, ratatouille consists of courgette, aubergine, peppers, onions, tomatoes and garlic served with a variety of herbs of your choosing. This is a must-have on your yacht provisions list.

Pistou Soup

Wanting something fresh and vibrant for your summer meal? Pistou soup is a tasty and rich dish using fresh vegetables such as courgette, carrot, green beans and pulses with its sauce made from garlic, salt, olive oil and fresh basil. This meal is a local delicacy from the South of France and a wonderful meal to source fresh ingredients for.

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A popular dish from Provence, daube is made from a piece of succulent beef or veal braised in red wine and flavoured with herbs from around the region. This traditional stew may be slower to make but is worth the wait! You can serve it with pasta, mashed potatoes, or a selection of vegetables of your choice and enjoy it with a glass of the same wine you braised the meat in. You can contact our sister company, Gourmet Drinks and Tobacco, for all your alcohol and tobacco needs and ensure you get the best red wine suitable for this dish.



Often confused with pizza, pissaladière is a flatbread-type dish that instead of tomato sauce and cheese is topped with onions, olives and anchovies. Using a thicker dough than a traditional Margherita and pissalat (an anchovy puree), Pissaladiere is unmistakably Provençal, served hot or cold is suitable for any time of day.

Often confused with pizza, pissaladière

Beignet de Fleur de Courgettes

In season in the summer, this tasty treat is a favourite of many who visit Cannes. Beignet de Fleur de Courgettes takes the flowers of courgettes, fries and covers them in a batter made from eggs, and seasons them with salt, parsley, and garlic. The ideal snack to be enjoyed with crewmates on deck on a hot day.


An easy-to-make chickpea pancake, Socca is a Mediterranean classic. Made from chickpea flour, olive oil and water, this snack is ideally served hot and can be eaten by hand.

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A bread product that can be plain or flavoured, Fougasse is a staple of the Provençal diet. It is a multifunctional snack that can be enjoyed whether you are dipping it in oil, topping it with olives or tomatoes, or filling it with cheese or bacon. Fougasse is a delicacy that can be enjoyed as a savoury snack, or even as a sweet treat known as fougassette made with orange blossom water.

Fougasse is a staple of the Provençal diet



A traditional French sweet, Callison usually consists of a candied fruit paste (commonly made of oranges or melons) and ground almonds, with a layer of icing on top. These small treats mark the ideal end to any evening meal while you’re visiting the Provence region.

Yacht Provisioning

When visiting Cannes, enjoy all the traditional Provençal meals you can whilst on board your yacht. French cuisine is renowned as one of the best in the world and these culinary delights would be perfect provisions for you. When you attend the Cannes Film Festival, partner with Gourmet Deliveries and let their provisioning service provide the freshest ingredients for delicious, mouth-watering meals for your superyacht.

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