Creating The Ultimate Luxury Experience With Personalised Yacht Provisioning

Creating a personalised experience for your yacht charter guests can make their trip even more memorable and will help ensure they return time and time again. Personalisation creates the ultimate luxury yachting experience and can also be used to give your brand more exposure. It can be a great marketing tool and is regularly used to help with brand recall.

At Gourmet Deliveries, we offer fantastic provisions for superyachts, including a wide range of personalised food, wines, bedding, linen and more. We work alongside quality suppliers and ensure we provide our clients with only the highest quality products. In this article, we are going to take you into the world of personalised yacht provisioning and introduce you to some of the fantastic luxury options that are available.

Branded Macarons

Whether you're hosting an event or arranging a special gift for yacht crew and/or clients, branded macarons are the great way to remind people about your business and share your brand values.

The soft shell exterior is perfectly suited to several different customisation techniques, including dye and edible ink. Which means you can have macarons created in your brand colours or opt for a more detailed photograph design.
Edible ink has become extremely popular over the years and new technology means the images produced are of fantastic quality and clarity.

Towels, Bedding & Linen

At Gourmet Deliveries, not only do we provide high-quality food and drink provisions for both private and charter yachts, we also supply other necessary items including bed linen, dressing gowns, bath robes, bath towels and slippers.

To create a true sense of luxury onboard, these items can be printed with a logo, guest name or initials of your choice. They can also be customised to match your yacht's branding and/or colour scheme. However, we always recommend a subtle approach. You need to be careful not to have too strong a visual impact and cause visual fatigue to the guests.

Personalised Wine Bottles

Next time you're compiling a luxury yacht charter provisioning list, you might want to include personalised wine bottles - this includes wines printed with a bespoke label as well as custom-made wines, bottled to suit your guest specific tastes.

Whether it's one bottle given as a gift or dozens of bottles gifted at a special event, these custom, branded items can really have an impact on your guests.

Want to take it a step further? Why not also include personalised wine glasses to make your guests feel truly special.

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Bespoke Packaging

At Gourmet Deliveries, we can provide bespoke packaging (e.g. bags and boxes) for yacht provisions to be delivered in. This type of personalisation can make a bold statement, not only to charter guests but also to other yacht owners and crews. Having the company logo displayed on the packaging of your provisions not only looks great, but it’s also additional exposure for your brand.

If you would like more information on our personalised packaging, get in touch to speak to a member of our experienced team.

Tea & Coffee

Personalised tea and/or coffee is a practice most commonly used in hotels. However, it can also be translated to a yacht charter with great effect.

Adding a personal touch to the morning breakfast is a brilliant way to show your guests that every detail has been considered. Providing locally sourced products is also something we pride ourselves on at Gourmet Deliveries, so we would also recommend adding premium coffee beans roasted by a locally recommended supplier.

Customised Water Bottles

No yacht provisioning list is complete without the addition of cold bottled water - It’s vital that you, your guests, and crew are kept well-hydrated, especially during the heat.

Since water is essential, you may want to consider personalising the bottles or offering guests a reusable water bottle as a gift to take with them at the end of the charter. A custom printed water bottle is highly functional as it will be used on a regular basis, whether it’s carried between meetings, or taken to the gym.

Personalised Caviar Boxes

Nothing says luxury travel like enjoying a bowl of fresh caviar on a superyacht.

You can really impress your charter guests by including personalised caviar boxes on your yacht provisioning list. Adding your brand logo will help the charter stand out from the rest, and will help to make a lasting impression on your guests - We can guarantee that you’ll receive only the highest quality caviar within your personalised boxes and tins, ensuring your charter guests remember their trip for all the right reasons.

The number of yacht provisioning items that can be personalised really is never-ending, but we hope this has given you some useful ideas. We would advise choosing a selection of items to customise, but be sure not to overdo it. Guests won’t appreciate seeing your brand plastered over absolutely everything, so choose what you personalise carefully. 

If you would like any more information on personalised yacht provisioning then feel free to contact us and speak to a member of our experienced team.