Bean to Boat: Which Coffee is Best For Your Next Yacht Charter?

A simple cup of coffee is a staple of everyone’s daily routine. From Indonesia to Guatemala the beans and blends vary as you cross the continents, so it is no surprise we all have our favourite way to drink it. Coffee can be complicated, thanks to the wide variety of beans, methods of brewing, and a myriad of recipes. This is why it is vital to have a deeper understanding of coffee when it comes to provisioning a superyacht. Just like wine, high-quality coffee can cover various tasting notes and complexities. Your yacht charter guests will have varying degrees of appreciation for coffee. With that in mind, your first task is to either procure organic coffee which everyone can enjoy or search out experimental artisan blends for the true connoisseurs.

When choosing any kind of coffee for your next yacht charter booking you will need to understand the four main types of coffee beans available on the market right now.

Coffee cup filled with Robusta beans


Robusta is grown mostly in Africa, Indonesia, and India. If your superyacht charter guests are early risers, this could be the best bean to start their day. This coffee has a hefty caffeine content which makes it an amazing choice for being served in the morning. Robusta-based coffee can be enjoyed in many different ways but it is mainly recommended as an espresso as the beans produce a great crema* when brewed.

On the palette, look out for earthy flavours and notes of peanut butter, bitter dark chocolate, almonds and whiskey.

*Crema is the froth which rises to the top of a freshly brewed espresso and is created by the gases released from the brewing process.


Arabica is the most common type of coffee bean available globally and is the oldest cultivated coffee type. Originating in Ethiopia before making its way to Yemen via trade routes. The best way to enjoy arabica coffee is black, or with a slight splash of milk, allowing the full spectrum of mild and acidic flavours to come through. Arabica is a good all-rounder which can be used in almost all coffee recipes from lattes and flat whites to macchiatos and cortados. Ultimately choosing arabica is a safe bet for when you are unsure how much your superyacht guests will appreciate the stronger bitter notes of the aforementioned robusta.

With arabica beans, you will be ideally looking at the fresher lighter notes that coffee has to offer. Enjoy slightly sweet, floral or almost citrus flavours reminiscent of fruits and berries.

Excelsa Coffee Beans


Your superyacht charter guests will be blown away if you can produce rarer coffee beans, such as excelsa. Excelsa is a relative newcomer in the world of coffee, only being discovered in the late 1800s. Due to a decrease in demand, coffee farmers chose to keep excelsa beans for themselves rather than sell them. However contemporary coffee cultivation efforts have managed to make them a lot more palatable and a definite must-try. Blends are where this bean thrives. Excelsa beans are hard to come by with mainstream coffee suppliers but if you can find this particular bean for the more seasoned coffee lovers aboard your yacht then you are bound to impress them.

Unlike other beans, excelsa does not have the full caffeine content that you may be familiar with, but they do contain a depth of flavour that can be utilised when paired with either robusta or arabica. On their own, they have a very tart but strong and dark quality, but it is this which makes them perfect for highlighting the flavours of other beans.

Liberica Coffee Beans and a Spoon


Liberica is another lesser-known type of coffee bean which often grows tall wild coffee plants and only bears fruit five years after planting. Liberica beans are rarely sold on their own and instead are more suited to be used in arabica and robusta blends to give them a more complex and unique flavour that they may not achieve just on their own.

Like excelsa, you will get a smokier taste with this bean but there is also a chance for the more conventional floral and nutty flavours as well.

Sustainable Coffee Yacht Provisioning

We strive for making sustainable and responsible choices in our approach to coffee provisioning. Currently, our most popular form of coffee product enjoyed by superyacht guests is a capsule or pod coffee, thanks to its ultimate convenience and versatility.

However, it is worth noting that 1 pallet of Nespresso coffee pods can produce around 7 kg of aluminium waste. In 2022 we sold over 107,300 Nespresso capsules to yachts.

With this in mind, it is best to invest in a good quality reusable pod system that you can pack with whatever blend you like.

You could even fill a reusable pod with tea or cocoa for endless hot drink possibilities.

This is only a small glimpse of everything that coffee has to offer, allowing you to prepare for your next superyacht charter with some basic knowledge. If you have any other queries about what coffee supplies you should purchase for your yacht provisions, contact our helpful team who will be happy to advise on all things coffee!

Gourmet Deliveries are fully stocked to help you provision your next yacht charter booking, so your guests can have an unforgettable experience.

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