Supplying Yachts since 1957


The story of Gourmet Deliveries begins in 1957 at the Forville market in Cannes. A small storefront called Tina-Prim, run by Angelique and her husband, provided fresh produce to restaurants, luxury hotels, and passers-by. At that time many yacht chefs came to the market daily to make their purchases. Relationships in the yachting industry began to form, and Angelique eventually decided to create a cooperative, bringing together all the merchants of Forville. Delivery service was the obvious next step, and in 2007 Gourmet Deliveries was created. Gourmet now employs dozens of people and serves thousands of boats who place their orders from all corners of the world.

A family business

One of the keys to the success of Gourmet Deliveries lies in its family operation. Trust and availability are the fundamental values of a team who understands where they came from and above all what they owe to the yachting industry and all its players – from Owners to Captains, Stewardesses, Chefs, Brokers, and Port Operators.


The company very quickly understood the importance of controlling the entire distribution chain, and as far as possible, the production chain as well. Thanks to an acquisition strategy and to reliable and passionate partners carefully selected over many years, Gourmet Deliveries enjoys a huge competitive advantage: that of sourcing exceptional products and delivering them to its customers all over the world, in record time. Thanks to years of fidelity, many stores are happy to open their doors early or in the night, especially for our shoppers.

Sourcing everything

Gourmet Deliveries offers the widest and the most exclusive catalogue in the world.