Supplying Yachts
with Food & Beverages

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Congratulations to Paulo Ucha Longhin for winning the 2024 Award of the best Superyacht Chef, sponsored by Gourmet Deliveries!

Sourcing everything

A chef’s job is complex, taking a creative thought and masterfully transforming it into an unforgettable meal. In order for this process to be a success, we understand that quality ingredients are key. Gourmet Deliveries can bring you all the finest products you need, wherever you are, so that you can keep the focus on cooking and creativity. From Wagyu beef and caviar to the finest bottle of Romanée Conti, Gourmet Deliveries offers the widest and most exclusive catalogue in the world.

Delivering everywhere

With over 50 years of experience, and thanks to an incredible network of carriers and logisticians, Gourmet Deliveries supplies its customers in all 4 corners of the world. If you are located in the Mediterranean, your order will be delivered by our own people, in our own trucks, eliminating the eventual cost and hassle of intermediaries. If your journeys take you further, whether to the Caribbean, the Norwegian Fjords, or lost in the Maldives, rest assured that your supplies will be delivered in the shortest possible time.

Operating 24/7

Gourmet Deliveries is not like any other business. It is a family business. Angelique Tinarelli, her three children, and their spouses are the backbone of Gourmet. Raised in the industry, their dedication is unrivaled, and this is why the service they provide is unparalleled. They pick up the phone any time, seven days a week, and together with a team of over 50 people, they will find a way to get you what you need. Even when your chef is faced with last minute demands. You can rest assured you will receive the same quality products as if you went shopping at the market yourself.

Meet the family

After years of working with the yachts and merchants of Cannes, Angelique created Gourmet Deliveries in 2007, and she was quickly surrounded by a loyal entourage. Her son, Andrea was the first to join the ranks in 2008. He joined Angelique’s husband, Serge, learning and dealing with all of the fruit and vegetable orders. When Serge retired, Andrea took over with even more pride and passion, and has been growing the operation ever since. In 2010, Angelique’s daughter, Stephanie, was the next to join the family business. She worked in each and every department – from produce to shopping to logistics – and knows by heart every inner working of the company. At present, she is director of Gourmet, the one who makes sure that all runs smoothly, and the one to ask if you need an answer. Last but certainly not least is Angelique’s daughter, Bianca, who joined Gourmet in 2017 after completing her studies in engineering and oenology. Now at the head of Gourmet Drinks and Tobacco, she lends her extensive wine knowledge to helping yachts create unique beverage programs. In addition, thanks to her business management training, she oversees administration and acts as director of the sales team.

Fancy free samples?

Ahoy! Gourmet Deliveries offers free food samples to all chefs actually based in Europe.